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Lost Meadows Meadery Corp


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About Us

We want to produce the simplest products possible with no preservatives or sulphites added. Our meads are made in small batches. They are dry and sparkling, made with just honey, water, yeast and a range of local fruits.The result is a beautiful reflection of the amazing fruits, hops and honey that Ontario has to offer! We are beekeeper owned and operated and have the upmost respect for our bees that provide the honey for our mead.
Single meadow origin means one thing: the honey in each meadow collected by the bees that forage there is kept separate throughout its journey from hive to jar.?Similar to wine, each meadow has its own Terroir. The different flora grow around each meadow all contribute different tasting nectars that the bees collect. Combined together this creates a honey recipe unique to each meadow. Meadows just a few kilometres apart can create completely different tasting honey. Our hives are located between our location in Essa Township, Mulmur, Muskoka and North Bay.
The other key defining difference is that we do targeted honey harvests after each main nectar flow. None if our honey is ever pasteurized or filtered. Some meadows create great spring and summer honey, and others are better for summer and fall honey. Each meadow has its own unique nectar flow that the bees capture for us. When brewing a new batch of mead, we always pair a honey specifically with the mead we intend to make (ex. Dry hopped- citrus tasting honey, fruit mead, fruity honey).

Rep/Contact Info

Graeme Foer
  • Phone: (705) 790-3494
Ayla Foers
  • Phone: (705) 790-3494

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