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Tax Busters Inc.

Tax Busters Inc.


About Us

Tax Busters Inc. has seen the fast growing pace of the tax industry, the high cost of tax prep fees, the quick and convenient service of the Auto fill, and a shift to use Canada Revenue Agency's ''My Account & website'' for all tax questions. Still, tax payers miss filing current and prior years, and feel financially overwhelmed. Tax busters Inc. offer a full-tax service, & we will Bust down the high cost of tax prep frees, & barriers that stand in the way to refunds and credits.


We love taxes so much, if you missed the deadline we are here to help. Call for questions at (705) 719-2999 or email:
tax_busters_inc Not filing your taxes can put too much weight on your shoulders. Don't let that happen to you by reading how we can help:
tax_busters_inc A yearly refund requires a little planning with your Tax Busters Inc. Senior tax specialist. We can  advise you how to build your refund, and increase your monthly child benefit, avoid installments and claw backs from E.I and OAS.  For additional information please email: or call: (705) 719-2999
tax_busters_inc Load your tax cargo in our hands, don't worry if you cannot find all your T slips, we will Bust down barriers to your refund and credits! Call (705) 719-2999, email:  or visit:
Filing more than one tax year can create a mountain of paper stress for anyone. That's why Tax Busters Inc. will help you Bust Free from paper work and stress of tax filing.  We offer 10% off to file 2 to 7 years and 20% off for 8 to 10 years.  Let's get your started: call us at (705) 719-2999 or email:
It is never a heavy load when filing a TL2 tax return for our Drivers.  Call (705) 719-2999 or email: and file with us today.

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Ann Laurin
  • Phone: 705-719-2999
  • Cell Phone: 7-050-627-8759

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